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  • About Us

    Why Herbalife?

    • Herbalife is the world’s largest health and nutrition company with over $5 billion in annual sales in more than 80 countries globally.
    • Herbalife has an enviable 30 year track-record of success - no short-term gimmicks and fads,  just high quality, science-based products, that can work for you.
    For more information please see the following official Herbalife corporate websites

    Why Herbalife Products?

    Herbalife’s innovative and healthy products comply with the highest research, development and manufacturing standards in the industry:

    • Only the finest raw materials and natural ingredients.
    • Rigorous product testing to meet and exceed Australian and international standards.
    • The highest quality manufacturing processes, policies and procedures.
    • Precise product formulations and clear labelling – that means no hidden surprises

    Weight management and control – Lose, Gain or Maintain. Herbalife’s holistic protein-supported programs aim to:

    • Manage appetite and reduce hunger
    • Maintain a healthy metabolism
    • Improve overall energy levels

    Herbalife’s range of Targeted Nutrition products also provide general support across a range of health areas including:

    • Digestive health
    • Heart health
    • Stress management, sleep and relaxation
    • Protecting the body and boosting immunity
    • Preventative care for bones and joints
    • Maximising and sports performance and endurance
    • Improving physical energy and mental alertness

    Why “My Nutrition Supplies” for your Herbalife Products?

    • As an Authorised Independent Herbalife Distributor, we are proud to bring to you Herbalife’s proven, life-changing philosophy and range of quality nutritional products.
    • We provide a convenient and no-nonsense medium for ordering and supplying your Herbalife nutritional product requirements.
    • Shop online 24/7 at your convenience from anywhere in Australia, with fast order fulfillment and product delivery throughout Australia.
    • We pride ourselves on customer service that mirrors the high quality of the Herbalife products we sell.
    • We hope you are here on our Website because you already know the potential benefits that Herbalife has to offer, but if not, learn all you need to know to improve your general state of health and overall quality of life. 

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