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    Ultimate Program
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    Our Ultimate program helps put you in complete control as your body reaches its nutritional balance. A careful combination of science and nature work 24 hours a day to great effect. It will help your body reach optimum weight and you’ll begin to reap the full benefits of your new lifestyle. Achieve your body’s true potential with these amazing weight management products.

    Key Benefits

    • Supports Cellular Nutrition with our two Daily Nutrition Core Products (Formulas 1 & 2)
    • Includes NRG for an energy boost, Cell-U-Loss for water balance
    • Includes Instant Herbal Beverage for an energy boost
    • Includes Herbal Aloe Concentrate for soothing and cleansing the digestive system
    • Probiotic Complex to maintain good gastrointestinal health



    • 1 x Formula 1 Nutritional Shake Mix (5 great flavours)
    • 1 x Formula 2 Multivitamin Complex
    • 1 x Cell-U-Loss
    • 1 x Active Fibre Complex
    • 1 x NRG
    • 1 x Instant Herbal Beverage (2 great flavours)
    • 1 x Herbal Aloe Concentrate (3 great flavours)
    • 1 x Probiotic Complex


    Enjoy two shakes a day to effectively manage your weight, or one shake a day to keep your weight maintained for long lasting results, together with supplements three times a day, Instant Herbal Beverage for an added energy boost and Herbal Aloe Concentrate for better digestion.


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