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    Natalee - BEFORE 107 kilos. . . NOW 57 kilos!

    "Two years ago I weighed 107 kilos causing me to be very sick and always feeling run down. I had gone to nine doctors in this time and all of them came up with a different theory. I did not know who to trust and my self esteem was at an all time low. My concerned parents suggested I trial the Herbalife products. Sceptically I began the Herbalife programme and after a period of 12 months, I have lost an amazing 50 kilos. Thanks to Herbalife I now weigh 57 kilos, have a husband, a new career and I can dream again."

    natalee beforenatalee after


    Ron - BEFORE 91 kilos. . . NOW 72 kilos!

    Lidia - BEFORE 70 kilos. . . NOW 53 kilos!

    "We spent years carrying excess weight and not really enjoying life to the fullest. When a friend told us about Herbalife, we initially said 'No.' Thanks to her persistence, we finally decided to try the Weight-Management Programme. I have lost 19 kilos, taken off four inches from my waist and feel fantastic. Lidia lost 17 kilos, went from a size 18 to a size 12 and weighs the same as she did in high school. And best of all, we've kept the weight off for nearly four years! We wish we had tried this amazing programme earlier."

    ron lidia beforerod livia after


    Charlie - Lost 22 kilos in 4 months!

     "I had tried many different diets in an attempt to lose weight, all unsuccessfully. It wasn't until I tried the Herbalife Weight Management programme that things started to look up. As a result of losing 22 kilos in 4 months a lot of my health problems disappeared and my stamina went through the roof. I now look and feel great. Most of my old friends do not recognise me any more. I have kept the weight off for over a year. Thanks Herbalife."

    charlie beforecharlie after


    Sandra - BEFORE 81 kilos. . . NOW 52 kilos!

    "I strongly encourage you to use the Weight-Management Programme-especially if you're an experienced dieter like me. I suffered through years of feeling miserable about my body, but you don't have to. Get on the fast track to weight-control success with this remarkable programme. When I was introduced to Herbalife I weighed 81 kilos and was very depressed about my looks. Fortunately my sister told me about the Herbalife Weight-Management Programme, so I tried it out of a mixture of curiosity and desperation. In four months I reached my goal of 52 kilos which I've maintained for the past three years."

    sandra beforesandra after


    Mark - BEFORE 130 kilos. . . NOW 94

     "I used to be 130kg of lumpy man. When I sat down in my swimmers my stomach looked hideously large. I had tried to lose weight by exercising for at least 50 minutes each day, but none of this seemed to work. I then heard about Herbalife and went along to a meeting. I soon started the Herbalife Weight Management Programme and weight literally started dropping off me. I went on to lose a total of 36 kilos in 9 months and have successfully maintained my weight now for over a year. Thanks Herbalife I feel fantastic!"

    mark beforemark after


    Karen - BEFORE 101.2 kilos. . . NOW 69.2 kilos!

    "At the stage where I was unable to play with my 2 year old daughter, I was wearing a size 24 and weighed 101.2kg. Thankfully Herbalife entered my life and I started using the Herbalife weight management programme. My stamina began to increase whilst my weight and size began decreasing. I happily look back at the amazing results that I have achieved by being on Herbalife. I lost 25kg in 28 weeks and a total of 32kg overall. I have come down from a tight size 24 to a comfortable size 12. Yo-Yo dieting is a thing of the past, now that I know what works. Thanks Herbalife."

    karen beforekaren after


    * The weight loss testimonials presented are applicable to the individuals depicted and are not a guarantee of your weight loss nor are they typical.


    "Herbalife has helped me to go on to win my third World Cup"

    "I have been using the products now for a period of six months and cannot recommend them highly enough. Often the missing key of excellence is for an athlete to be able to restore stamina levels and recover quickly from workout to workout. There is no doubt Herbalife is doing something right. It has helped me develop the "two edge sword" and go on to win my third World Cup Karate Championship."

    "I am always looking for an edge in speed and strength, always demanding a lot from my conditioning and sports nutrition. I have found that edge with Herbalife's nutritional supplements. I highly recommend this product to anyone who is wanting to "take it to the next level".*

    --Lourene Bevaart



    "My recovery from training and games improved."

    "I've been playing professional basketball for 5 years and training and playing at the elite level for 12 years."

    "When a friend of mine introduced me to Herbalife, I was at first sceptical, but I still decided to trial the products. To my excitement I noticed that I had increased stamina. My recovery from training and games improved. I even shed those few extra kilos that were weighing me down from reaching my full potential as a Basketball player."

    I have since become an Independent Herbalife Distributor which allows me the freedom to pursue my dream of one day competing in the Olympics for Australia."*

    --Katrina Hibbert 
    Commonwealth Games Gold Medalist 2006



    *These results are not typical. Individual results will vary. Herbalife products are effective when used in conjuction with a calorie controlled eating plan and weight loss will depend on your personal metabolism. The information presented above is intended for use within Australia.